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Looking for an inspiring gift? Want to set up the young people in your life for success? Know someone who can benefit from Fellowship?

Do you want to give the gift of Fellowship to someone you know? By doing so, you will cover the annual £208 charitable subscription and a one-time £75 registration fee for their Fellowship. 

Are they between the ages of 18 - 25? We have a lower rate Fellowship offer of only £52  a brilliant way to invest in supporting the lives of young people in your network and community. 

We are an inclusive global community and welcome anyone to join us who is over 18, supports the RSA's vision, and shares our commitment to social change.

How to gift Fellowship 
  • Complete the form below. We will then send your recipient a personalised confirmation of their gift and an online application form to activate their Fellowship. 
  • Submit your payment details on the next page. Your payment will not be processed until they have submitted their application and it has been accepted by the RSA. 
  • If the recipient is aged 18-25, you will only be charged £52 once they complete their application. Please disregard the full price on the payment screen. 
  • Once they have been accepted, your payment will be processed and their Fellowship activated.
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Looking for a bigger gift?
Interested in gifting Fellowship to more than five people? Reach out to us at to learn more about our Fellowship partnership programme. 

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